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Overcast and cool temperatures

Video Transcript

DARREN PECK: Well, we got a little bit of light rain out there this morning, and we got to stress it's a little bit of light rain, but it's misting on several of the lenses right in the heart of the city. And there's been enough that several rain gauges have recorded about 1/100 of an inch of rain.

So we'll start off with our view that looks from the top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, and you can see that definitely, we've got an accumulation of some light rain there. Winner so far is Moraga, almost 1/10 of an inch of rain. But Moraga's up in the hills, over on the east side of those East Bay Hills, where it's been able to wring out a little more rain. Most other places on here, we're talking about 1/100 of an inch, so it's really not a lot.

And if you look at it on high def Doppler, you don't really see a whole lot except for a little bit of rain showing up behind the currently bug right there. By the way, it is currently 52 in Daly City. And it's blocking a shower.

There's not a lot to that. If you look up here, that's where the better rain is. So this system-- the actual rain with this system-- that has not gotten here yet. What we're experiencing is the marine layer responding to this system in advance. In other words, the marine layer has gotten deeper because the storm's giving it a little more energy from afar.

That's the rain we'd want to watch for something a little more meaningful. And as we put this into the FutureCast and watch that, there will be thunderstorms today right here in the Sierra. And the direction a lot of that wants to get thrown is towards us. So if we put that into the FutureCast, by the time we get into this afternoon, through Mendocino County, we could have a few isolated thunderstorms that work their way close to Ukiah. That will be something to keep an eye on.

But watch how those just kind of fall apart as they approach the Sonoma County line. So for the majority of us, that won't be a factor today, although Ukiah, we'll stay on top of that. Here's the light rain showing up on the FutureCast off the coast. That's all the marine layer stuff, and it does add up over time. It's just not a lot. Like we've seen already, it's a couple hundredths of an inch of rain, and that's basically the highlight.

As far as daytime highs for today go, we really have seen our afternoon temperatures take a plunge over the last two days-- low 70s for many inland spots, which brings us back down about 15 degrees cooler than we were for daytime highs just on Wednesday. But it was really Thursday and Friday where we felt the drop the most. If you look in the Bay, there hasn't been as much of a change here.

The real issue, for anybody close to the water in the Bay, has been the wind over the last few days. And that will likely still be a part of the forecast, although not as strong as it was the last two days. The wind we were feeling was the strong onshore flow in the leading edge of this system coming through.

So as you look at the seven-day forecast, there's plenty of sunshine on there once we get past the weekend. And the temperatures are not gonna budge a whole lot. We'll be staying in the low to mid-70s for the most part inland and low to mid-60s in the Bay for pretty much the next seven days.