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Temperatures heat up starting Sunday

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- I hate that we are talking about fire weather and it is just the first day of May here.

DARREN PECK: And we've also got a fire weather watch, and it's just odd. Early November, but I'm going to show you why this is playing out in the way that it is and why this fire weather watch, at least as far as we're concerned here in the Bay Area, probably means more for the next fire event several weeks down the road. Let me explain.

First off, take a look at where the fire weather watch goes into effect. That's mainly the Central Valley. It starts Sunday. Goes through Tuesday, but if we come in for a close up look, it's not only the Central Valley. This does start to get over into the Delta and likely off into some of the hills and mountains of wine country, even though technically not included in the fire weather watch. The offshore winds that are going to be driving this will likely still be rushing over the Mayacamas and some of the other mountain ranges up here. So just be aware of that if you're up in the North Bay mountains. Technically you're not included in this.

But let me show you why we've got a fire weather watch. This is the map that shows us the offshore winds. You can usually pick it out when you see the bright colors pick up through the Sacramento Valley and sweep down through the Central Valley towards us, and that's going to happen over the next few days. See that uptick in wind there. It's more of a fall weather pattern. Wouldn't be a problem we'd had average rainfall for the year, but because everything is so dry, that's why all of a sudden a mild offshore wind event starts to raise fire weather concerns. It's not going to take much. And this will likely do more to dry out the vegetation, even if we don't have any major issues with fire from this one. It's still going to dry out the vegetation a lot, setting us up for the next several offshore wind events down the road. That's the concern.

Total different story to start the morning, it's gray, damp, foggy in places, and cool. That's the view looking at SF-- looking at SFO right now. That's the scene looking down 880 over Oakland. Here's the view from Treasure Island looking back towards the city. Skyline is obscured and it's even gotten over into the Tri-valley. We're waking up to gray skies.

We're all pretty much in the same spot temperature-wise. We're right around 50 degrees, give or take a few degrees on either side of that, and look, we've gotten rain. Well, call it drizzle. Downtown San Francisco 100th of an inch of rain. West Portal, same. Glen Park got three hundredths of an inch of rain. Over in the East Bay, Berkeley Hills got one hundredth of an inch of rain, and then down along the coast, Linda Mar and Moss Beach are the winners-- four hundredths of an inch of rain. That's downright damp.

And if you look at what the clouds are doing, it is widespread as we just saw from our cameras, but watch how long it takes for this to melt back, and it never really goes away completely today if you are right along the coast or even in the city, and for parts of the Peninsula. That's 4:00 this afternoon. And we're still seeing that gray blanket just kind of hugging certainly the coast, and maybe even parts of the Peninsula into the afternoon.

And perhaps most important from all of this, if you're getting on the road in the North Bay right now, visibility up in Santa Rosa is down to half a mile, so it's not just clouds up in those valleys of Sonoma County. It is actually fog on the road. And it's windy, as well, with this onshore flow. This 40 mile an hour gust right now coming over Altamont Pass for anybody who's going to be taking that drive.

All right, daytime highs today range from 80 inland to 55 at the beaches, so that's a classic summer spread where you've got 50s near the water, and 80s inland. And as we look at the seven day forecast, you see the warm up coming up for Monday. By the time we get to Monday, that's 90 degrees for the daytime high, but look at the cool down as we get towards the middle of next week. That will bring daytime highs back down into the mid 70s by the time we get to Thursday and Friday.

- OK, and I see zero chance of rain as you mentioned there on the seven day. That's unfortunate, but not unexpected when it comes to early May.

DARREN PECK: Exactly. We've gotten into May now, which really means the thought of rain kind of goes out the window, really, until about October.

- OK. So you're saying there's no chance?

DARREN PECK: Well there's always the drizzle, right? I mean, hey, Linda Mar got four hundredths of an inch of drizzle in the overnight hours, and if you're near the coast, get that'll happen all the way through f-- August.

- All right. Thanks.