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Temperatures will top in 70s and 80s out on Sunday

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DARREN PECK: All right, let's do a little comparison on daytime highs between today and yesterday. First thing I want to do is just show you where we're going to be for today's daytime highs. And they are pretty impressive numbers for many locations. This will be the warmest temperatures we've hit so far this year, with Concord at 87, just three degrees shy of 90. It'll be 78 in San Jose, and it'll be 67 in San Francisco.

But what we really need to do is do the comparison with how much warmer these numbers are than yesterday. Because I think that's probably what you'll notice. You remember how nice Saturday was. Well, for Santa Rosa, that 86 will be as much as 10 degrees warmer than we were officially in downtown Santa Rosa yesterday. We were only in the upper 70s mid 70s, in fact.

So going to the mid 80s today will likely feel warmer. For Concord at 87, you may not notice a five-degree warm-up today. Because yesterday was the day when you really did the big jump. And in San Francisco at 67, should we hit that, that will be an 11-degree warm-up in the city.

But that's the one that's most in question. Because San Francisco is still going to be under the influence. A little bit more of that sea breeze today. Right off the coast, that may help keep your temperatures down.

No clouds here. That's the view from the Tri-Valley looking off towards the east. And this is a perfect example of what it looks like Bay Area-wide. If you want to find any of the marine layer, any of that mid-level stratus cloud, you've got to go out to the coast. And here's the view from the top of the Salesforce Tower. And you can see just a little bit of it out there.

But nobody's waking up to it unless you're right at the beaches today. And if you look at the influence on temperatures, we have gotten cooler. It's cooler this morning than it was yesterday. In some places, by a lot. Petaluma, it's 39. You were well up into the mid 40s. Santa Rosa is 41. You were also in the mid 40s yesterday.

But the clearing skies will give us a head start on the daytime highs. And there will be enough of an offshore flow for those of us that are not at the immediate coast today that that will give the temperatures enough to climb from where they were. So if we just do the overview, you can see the spread from our 86 in Livermore to 63 at Pacifica.

That's not as big a spread as it was yesterday. Again, just another sign that today is going to be the warmest day of the weekend and the warmest day in the seven-day, warmest day of the season so far. And quite possibly the warmest day looking out on the long range.

If we look at the long range, we're waiting for any possible hope for a chance of rain. And I hinted at the top of the newscast that there was a small chance for some light rain by the time we get towards next weekend perhaps.

And you can see it here. That's Sunday, April 25th. That one's not really as likely as looking farther out into the forecast for the next opportunity that gets here. So far down the road that we're not going to focus too much on this as a super likely outcome. But it's at least something to come away with a little bit of hope. We could get some rain here in the last days of April. More on that as we get closer to it.

Let's deal with the next week for now. You can see how the temperatures will start cooling down. As we go through the early part of this week, we go back down to the mid 70s. But even at that, for these inland numbers across top row there, 70 would be average. So even as we cool down into the mid 70s by the time we get towards the middle part of next week, we're still going to be technically warmer than average, Emily.

So temperatures are still going to stay warm. It's just-- today is going to be the peak. And I think this is the day everybody notices it, even in the Bay.

- Allowing time to break out the bathing suits. It's that time of year.

DARREN PECK: Yeah, we're getting close to those numbers, too. And if you are inland, you probably will want to find a pool unless you're going to the beach. It's a idea today.