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Warming trend continues with no signs of rain

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DARREN PECK: In fact, I want to focus on that for a moment and just give you a specific idea on where that would be the threat for today. And we're going to look at it in kind of a unique way. You're going to watch the map start to fill in with the colors showing where the rainfall is going to accumulate today. And clearly, there's a focus through Tennessee. But that gets us through the first half of Saturday.

The deeper the shades of red-- the only thing this map is telling us, where you've got heavier precipitation. But these are the storms that will tend to drop heavy precipitation, large hail, and the potential for tornadoes.

Watch what happens second half of the day. That really does start to increase through the Tennessee Valleys. But the concern here is going to be parts of Eastern Arkansas into Tennessee today. And it's like second half of the day today. So fingers crossed we get through today without having to see pictures like what we saw just a few moments ago in that story.

Meanwhile, we come back home. And that's our view from the top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, looking off towards the giant Sundial. Transamerica Pyramid looks great there. Pretty view too from the Salesforce Tower, looking off towards the west. That's the scene over the tri-valley. There are no clouds in any of these cameras. There's also no fog out there. And part of the reason why we've been able to avoid the fog is we're relatively warm, a lot of mid 30s on here.

Up in the North Bay, it's cold. Don't get me wrong. You want the jacket when you step outside. But it's better than what we've done for much of the last several weeks to be in the mid 30s. And everybody else is mid to upper-40s. They're at 47 in San Jose right now.

And for daytime highs today, if you're in the immediate Bay, nothing changes. But if you're inland, closer you are over to less shades of orange, you're going to notice about a 4 or 5 degree warmup today from yesterday. Temperatures here in the South Bay, it's already warm. You're already in the mid to upper 70s. But as we get here, mid to upper 70s is about anywhere from 4 or 5 degrees perhaps warmer than we were yesterday.

Numbers in the immediate Bay, low to mid-70s. And then you'll see them climb farther north we go. So we're already nearing 80 for many spots that are up into Mendocino County. And low 80s will be common for many inland spots here at home throughout the Bay Area by early this coming week, like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. You'll see that in the seven-day forecast.

In the meantime, even though we do warm up a little bit for today and Sunday, look what's happening here on Sunday. There's a weak little storm trying to come our way. It will fall apart before it gets here. We're not going to get any rain out of that. But we're going to notice the temperatures come back down a little on Monday. And we're going to get an offshore wind event on Monday. That means it'll be windy in the mountains again on Monday. And it might just be windy enough down here at the lower elevations where we all live that for Monday, we could see a repeat of what we had happened this last week on Monday, where the winds picked up a bit.

We didn't have any wind advisories. It was mainly in the mountains. But it was enough to feel it.

There's that warmup. We get into Wednesday and Thursday, and we're back up into the low 80s for daytime highs by the time we get through the middle part of this upcoming week.

- Man, I'll tell you, I'm going to have to start making reservations at the pool because 80s, I'm gonna need a way to cool off.

DARREN PECK: I know. And it's likely going to be a pattern, Emily, where we start seeing more and more of those. We're getting into April now. So I mean, that's only about 6 degrees or so above average for this time of year anyway for many inland spots.

- Yeah, and only up from there when it comes to temps. Thanks, Darren.