Today's A Good Day In Manhattan Beach Or Is It? You Tell Us

Liz Spear

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — Today's a good day in Manhattan Beach if your name is Erica LeShai and someone tweets your song "Manhattan Beach." It could also be a good day if you're Harold Kinsley, co-owner of The Hangar Inn, and you're constantly looking for the good in the not-so-good restaurant situation in Los Angeles County.

Today's a good day in Manhattan Beach if you love to surf.

Today's a good day in Manhattan Beach if you're a photographer.

Today, Monday, Jan. 4 is also maybe not such a good day if you're a Manhattan Beach restaurant owner or city official and the media has pointed all its cameras at the city because City Council two days ago decided to shut down public dining areas they'd help create as a workaround to Los Angeles County's Health Order to stop all public outdoor dining the night before Thanksgiving.

And some folks are interpreting Manhattan Beach's closure of its previously public outdoor dining parklets as meaning the city isn't allowing anyone to sit down in public. Oy vey.

But, seriously, as our city buzzes with news media and reporters and we're all over social media, how do you feel about Manhattan Beach? How do you feel about the city now shutting down the public outdoor dining in spaces that had originally been privately operated by a variety of restaurants in the public-right-of-way?

There are so many angles, factors, considerations to weigh. Manhattan Beach is starting to see businesses close permanently due to the coronavirus pandemic. Manhattan Beach residents are testing positive for COVID-19 at higher than ever numbers but no new deaths have been reported. Our local hospitals are full of patients, COVID-19 patients, and others, of course. Healthcare workers are on the brink of being beyond overtaxed by the strain of the Novel Coronavirus surge in LA County. A Manhattan Beach emergency room doctor has received his first dose of a vaccine. So has each of the 30 firefighter/paramedics that comprise our Manhattan Beach Fire Department.

Today's a good day in Manhattan Beach ... Fill in the blank in the comments below. And answer of the questions or thoughts raised by this article.

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This article originally appeared on the Manhattan Beach Patch