In today's movement, women's voices are being heard

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I just watched a documentary from PBS’s Point of View series called "Unapologetic."

Meg Fedorowicz
Meg Fedorowicz

It was about the new movement for racial equality. I say new because I remember the movement in the 1960s. As I watched the news reports and read some of the new writers, rappers and organizers, I kept thinking: We did that, we believed that, and we said that — what is different?

The new movement is truly different. We had the same revolutionary energy. We protested, sat in and dropped out. Freedom schools, lunch and breakfast programs, protests against redlining (the now illegal discriminatory practice of refusing real estate financing and services to Black Americans) emerged.

We attended meetings for People Against Racism, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Student Power and any other group that met to discuss society’s problems and how to solve them. Some of us published underground newspapers. Some of us were “co-opted by the man” and ran for public office. Others took a more militant route. We read Eldridge Cleaver, Angela Davis and Jerry Ruben. We called ourselves activists.

Still somehow, the energy of today is different. The difference is women’s voices are out there and being heard. Strong, young women of color are speaking up and stepping into leadership roles. They are creating art, creating humans (teaching, raising, giving birth), and creating spaces: green spaces, safe spaces, nourishing spaces.

I am so moved by their dedication and strength. I just want to say keep it up and to thank you for persisting in justice and equality. It is something that should have already happened. How long before the arc of the moral universe reaches justice in our land?

Meg Fedorowicz lives in Monroe and is curriculum coordinator at Meadow Montessori School. She is a member of Stronger Together Huddle, a group engaged in supporting and promoting the common good of all.

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