Toddler adorably ‘reads’ book in totally made-up language

This TikTok dad recorded his adorable toddler daughter “reading” a book in complete gibberish!

Rom Dacosta (@rom_dacosta) is a TikToker and proud parent to a toddler named Aria. Rom loves sharing videos of the precocious toddler, including a hilarious recent video of Aria “reading” aloud from a book. In the sweet video, Aria reads with impressive confidence for a one-year-old. But there’s a twist! The toddler is “reading” in total gibberish.

The funny video begins with a shot of Aria sitting on the floor, wearing a frilly pink shirt and tie-dyed shorts. The toddler holds a book open on her lap, and although the text is too far away to read, based on the small print, it seems to be a book written for adults. At the very least, with its lack of colorful pictures and big text, it seems clear the book was not intended for one-year-olds to read on their own.

But that doesn’t seem to be stopping Aria! The toddler “reads” confidently from the book, although none of the words she is saying are actually real. Instead, Aria makes up her own nonsense language, imagining what the book might say.

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At first, she stares down at the book as though genuinely trying to make out the words. Then, she looks up at Rom and continues “reading” while making eye contact with her dad. The toddler continues to look back and forth between the book and her dad, “reading” out loud with plenty of attitude!

The video ends as the imaginative toddler closes the book and begins to giggle.

Viewers applauded the adorably precocious toddler!

“Honestly very engaging!” one viewer wrote.

“It’s her giving eye contact to the audience as she reads. The professionalism is already strong,” another viewer commented.

“Okay girl, I might have to get that book. Sounds interesting,” joked another TikToker.

Aria might not be able to read yet, but she certainly has a flair for drama!

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