Toddler cackles deviously every time she knocks into something on a bumper boat ride

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This TikTok video of a little girl’s delighted cackle while riding a bumper boat is a total mood booster!

TikToker Destiny (@momgang101) is a parent and content creator who posts clips of fun moments with her kids. Recently, Destiny shared an adorable video montage of her young daughter driving a bumper boat and laughing hysterically each time her boat knocked into something, and her sheer joy is beyond infectious.

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The video opens with a shot of a yellow bumper boat driving in an artificial body of water at an amusement park.

Upon first glance, it appears as though the boat is giggling and driving itself. However, upon further inspection, Destiny’s little girl can be seen peeking out from behind the steering wheel.

The boat’s front rubber bumper bounces off the side of the shallow pool, and the toddler lets out another boisterous laugh before putting the mini watercraft in reverse.

Despite her small stature, the little girl steers the ship like a mini captain and even drives circles around some of the bigger kids.

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With each bump around the pool, the little girl’s hysterics increase. As the video comes to a close, the toddler, who is ready to bump into something else, floats off into the distance.

Viewers fell in love with the little girl’s pure joy and delight.

“Omg, her little laugh is cute, she sounds like a little Minion, lol! So adorable,” one user complimented.

“Looks like my grandma, just bumping into things, laughing, and not seeing over the steering wheel,” joked one TikToker.

“It’s even funnier because she can’t see where she’s going,” one viewer mentioned.

“I imagine this is how Cruella [de Vil] started out. Absolutely love it,” noted one user.

Destiny’s video is a sweet reminder that sometimes the simplest things in life elicit the most joy.

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