Toddler gets her head stuck in angel food cake pan, Pennsylvania photos show

Junction Fire Company/Facebook Screengrab

A 2-year-old girl managed to get her head into an angel food cake pan, but then she was unable to pop back out.

Her mom, Erin Meixel, ended up calling 911 for some professional help, WGAL reported. She said her daughter, Quinnley, was playing with the round cake pan that’s middle piece had been removed when she got stuck.

Junction Fire Company in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, responded to the rescue call, according to a Feb. 6 Facebook post. With permission from the family, they shared a photo of the toddler with the pan stuck around her neck.

Within about five minutes, the first responders had cut the cake pan off of the girl using tin snips, according to WHP.

A second photo shared by the Junction Fire Company shows the cake pan after it had been cut off.

Quinnley is doing OK, according to WGAL.

Lewistown is about 160 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

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