Toddler isn’t ready to give up pacifiers, so she steals one from her doll

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TikTok parent Kimberly Martinez (@glamkdecor) is trying to wean her daughter off pacifiers, but she caught the adorable toddler “stealing” one from her doll!

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Martinez is a mom and TikToker who shares fun home decorating and DIY arts and crafts activities, along with videos of her adorable 1-year-old daughter. Recently, Martinez has been trying to transition her daughter away from using pacifiers with mixed results. In a hilarious video, Martinez shared how her daughter got creative by “stealing” a pacifier from her doll.

The video begins with a shot of Martinez’s daughter’s bedroom. Martinez slowly approaches her daughter’s bed, laughing quietly as she gets closer.

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Once Martinez reaches her daughter’s bed, she reveals the toddler sleeping peacefully. The 1-year-old is lying on her back with a pink pacifier in her mouth. Next to her lies a baby doll.

“This little girl misses her pacifier,” Martinez writes in a caption.

Slowly, so as not to wake her daughter, Martinez reaches out and grasps the pacifier. She carefully removes it from her daughter’s mouth and holds it up to the camera, turning it back and forth.

Unlike most pacifiers, which are made of soft silicone, this pacifier appears to be made of hard plastic. It is also much smaller than a traditional pacifier.

Beginning to laugh a little louder, Martinez reveals exactly why the pacifier looks so strange: It actually belongs to her toddler’s doll! The video ends with Martinez placing the pacifier into the doll’s mouth, as Martinez dissolves into a fit of giggles.

“This made my day!”

With nearly 2 million views, Martinez’s video had viewers cracking up!

“Petition to give her her own paci back,” one viewer commented.

“This made my day!” another viewer wrote.

“Omg I thought my baby was the only one! So cute!” commented one parent.

Martinez’s toddler might not have a pacifier of her own anymore, but at least she can always borrow one from her doll!

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