Toddler says ‘popsicle’ in hilariously bizarre way: ‘The lips don’t move’

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The way this toddler’s mouth moves to say the word “popsicle” has her mom cracking up.

Toddlers are still figuring out how to pronounce words and understand language. It’s no surprise that they can get a bit tripped up when a word has more than one syllable. TikTok mom Becca asked her daughter to pronounce “popsicle,” and she got more than a mouthful.

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“Can you say popsicle?” the mom asked.

“Thop-sicle,” the toddler said, sticking her tongue out several times. It looked as if she wagged her tongue, and then somehow, the word came out after the fact.

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“Can you say popsicle?” Becca asked again, laughing.

“Thop-sicle. Thop-sicle,” the toddler replied, moving her tongue as if she were licking a popsicle.

“She asks for a popsicle every day now, and I’m totally OK with it,” the mom wrote in the caption.

The video received over 7.2 million views and 1.7 million likes on TikTok. While some noted she sounded like the character Yoshi from Super Mario, others were simply stunned by her adorableness.

“My God, I watched over 10 times just to hear her say it,” a user wrote.

“OMG, this is cute. But like seriously, how does she say it? The lips don’t move,” another commented.

“[This is] the cutest way I’ve ever heard that word,” someone added.

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