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Toddler shot on LSD in medical coma; man questioned by CPD

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A 21-month-old boy is in a medically-induced coma after he was shot in the head while traveling in a car on Lake Shore Drive Tuesday.

Video Transcript

RAVI BAICHWAL: Just moments ago, the presiding doctor in this case, a pediatric specialist, saying surprisingly and cautiously optimistically, this baby has survived these last 24 hours and has stabilized, has not gotten worse. He's on a ventilator right now, and little Kayden Swann may have a future coming out of this.

MARCELO MALAKOOTI: He certainly has not worsened. He remains critically ill, and there's a high mortality risk any time we have someone with a brain injury of this. It's still too early to tell. We're only about 24 hours into this, and we should know a little bit more over the next coming days.

So the fact that he hasn't worsened I would say provides us with a cautious hope. He certainly hasn't worsened, which is good.

RAVI BAICHWAL: 21-month-old Kayden Swann has every resource in this hospital helping him to heal after he was shot in the temple yesterday in a road rage incident. A pediatric intensive care unit physicians at Lurie Children's Hospital are working around the clock to stabilize the little boy who is caught in crossfire during an incident on Lake Shore Drive near Waldron.

Relatives say the baby was inside the car with his grandmother and her boyfriend when the gunfire erupted, and Eyewitness News heard from a source that the boyfriend started the shooting after a dispute over merging into a lane of traffic.

The other driver shot back, a situation police say continued for two blocks. And now police say the adult male in the car with Kayden is being called a person of interest and is being questioned by detectives. A good Samaritan, requesting anonymity, helped get the child to the hospital.

- They said they needed help, and I don't think I could live that if I decided to continue driving and go home and go about my day. But I think this is what you're supposed to do.

RAVI BAICHWAL: The mayor today decried the violence.

LORI LIGHTFOOT: It's astounding to me that people have so little regard for human life in general. It's particularly astounding to me when people have so little regard to human life when there are children as passengers.

RAVI BAICHWAL: And this morning, Kayden's great grandfather added his voice to those sentiments. He wants to meet with the mayor and the police superintendent.

CLIFTON MARVEL: Well, there are a number of ideas that I have that would take some of these kids off the street, give them a different direction.

RAVI BAICHWAL: And we're told of the baby's mother and grandmother are bedside with little Kayden Swann. And again, he is in a coma, a medically induced coma, right now, and the doctor's saying there is reason for cautious optimism that he might be able to at least survive this. But he is going to need medical intervention probably for the rest of his life.