Toddler's Sweet Bond With Bernese Mountain Puppy Is Enough to Melt the Coldest Heart

This video is absolutely precious.

Parents who have both a baby and a puppy at home are really superheroes. It takes a lot of patience to be able to care for both! But we guess it's all really worth it when you see the incredible bond your child will have with your puppy. Just like in a video shared by TikTok creator @tinytribe_.

We swear this is probably one of the cutest videos we've ever seen on the internet. The footage shows Ellie and her BFF Red having a sweet moment in the car.

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Couldn't you just melt? Red is so gentle with Ellie — even as she gives him a big ol' squeeze. "Puppy," she can be heard saying in the clip. "She picked him. He picks her," the caption reads. 

The video has since gone viral with over 1 million views. People in the comments section were so in love. "This is one of best things I’ve seen IN MY LIFE," @kitttykat888 exclaimed. "Oh my goodness. The way he just lays there. Best friends forever," @beachhairdontcare3 praised. "The dog said 'I’m homeeeee,'" @babyjo101 joked. "That’s the dog's baby now, and hope you weren’t getting the dog for you… that’s her puppers now," @ashleywareyko kidded. 

This is definitely going to be one of Ellie's core memories. She has a BFF for life!

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