'Tokyo Drift' Slides and Sweeps Across TikTok With a Storm of Oddly Addictive Videos

Megan McCluskey

If you grew up in a house with hardwood floors, you probably spent some time trying to perfect a sock-footed slide across them. Now, it’s finally time to put that training to use.

A new viral trend calls for participants to film themselves or others sliding across the floor or around a corner, set the video to the Teriyaki Boyz song “Tokyo Drift” and post it online. The fad was inspired by a video that was recently shared on TikTok by user @samanthajohnson262 showing a van drifting sideways around other cars on a snow-covered Vancouver highway as “Tokyo Drift” bumps in the background.

The term “Tokyo drift” was popularized by the third movie in the Fast & Furious franchise and is a reference to the Japanese car racing technique of drifting.

As the trend has progressed, people have even started using their dogs to get in on the fun. A submission shared by TikTok user @Kevrun5 that has been liked over 477,000 times shows a French bulldog rounding the corner of a kitchen island at such high speed that he slides into the opposite cabinets before continuing to chase after his owner.

See some of the best videos below.