CORRECTING and REPLACING PHOTO Tokyo Metropolitan Government to Open Official Tokyo Tokyo Brand Souvenir Shop at Haneda Airport

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Tokyo Tokyo Official Souvenir Shop on Edo Ko-ji on the fourth floor of Haneda Airport’s international terminal (Photo: Business Wire)

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government to Open Official Tokyo Tokyo Brand Souvenir Shop at Haneda Airport

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is opening a new shop offering an exciting lineup of modern and traditional original Tokyo souvenirs in Haneda Airport’s international terminal, a travel hub for domestic and international tourists alike.

Scheduled to open its doors on February 22, the Tokyo Tokyo Official Souvenir Shop will sell an expansive range of high-quality souvenirs showcasing the best of what Tokyo has to offer. Merchandise is to include traditional happy daruma dolls, maneki-neko lucky cat charms, jigsaw puzzles, and models of Tokyo Tower and Edo Castle, in addition to mugs, change purses, T-shirts, and more.

Open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. all year round, the shop will be located in Edo Ko-ji, a shopping street styled after historic Tokyo on the fourth floor of the airport’s international terminal. The shop’s walls will feature drawings of the Asakusa and Shibuya neighborhoods, areas symbolic of Tokyo’s dynamic mix of cutting-edge modern culture and centuries-old tradition. Near the shop, there are plans to hold daruma-making lessons and workshops on origami and other aspects of Japanese culture.

The Tokyo Tokyo Official Souvenir Shop product lineup was created as part of the Tokyo Omiyage Project, an initiative that has seen the Tokyo Metropolitan Government team up with local businesses to develop over 50 souvenirs to date, spanning everything from traditional crafts to stationery and food. Products feature the Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New logo, which was created as part of the government’s ongoing efforts to brand Tokyo as an attractive travel destination to both domestic and international tourists.

About Tokyo Tokyo

Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New ("Tokyo Tokyo") is a logo and slogan launched by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to promote Japan’s capital on the world stage through a comprehensive branding strategy targeting both Japanese and international visitors. A variety of initiatives are being rolled out under the Tokyo Tokyo brand, with a focus on establishing the city’s position as an attractive tourist destination both at home and overseas.

The logo was designed to express Tokyo’s dynamic mix of centuries-old tradition and cutting-edge modern culture. A design that presents "Tokyo" in two different fonts in order to intuitively impart an image of the city. The brushstroke of Tokyo and Gothic block typeface of Tokyo represent the originality of the city, where traditions dating back to the Edo period (1603-1868), coexist alongside the cutting edge culture of today. The tradition is expressed in black ink, while the new Tokyo is expressed in blue, like the sky spreading forward to express the innovative future. To give some playfulness, the logo also includes a traditional stamp that shows the one of Tokyo’s newest sightseeing landmarks, Shibuya scramble crossing.

About the Tokyo Omiyage Project
The Tokyo Omiyage Project is a joint initiative between Tokyo Metropolitan Government and local businesses to create a lineup of souvenirs promoting the Tokyo brand. Product ideas are selected from a field of proposals submitted by businesses, with the successful candidates going on to develop the merchandise in its final form under the guidance of creative directors. The extensive lineup, which bears the attractive Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New Logo, includes traditional crafts, stationery, and foods. Tokyo Omiyage Project goods are mainly sold by private local businesses.

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