Tom Brady is so competitive he once brushed off a hangover at a Bahamas wedding to get in an early morning workout

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Tom Brady. Jason Behnken/AP Images
  • Tom Brady's astounding work ethic is well known across the NFL.

  • According to Kliff Kingsbury, Brady overcame a hangover in the Bahamas to get in a morning workout.

  • Kingsbury backed up Brady for a season in New England before eventually moving into coaching.

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Tom Brady's status as the greatest quarterback of all time did not come easy.

En route to winning an astounding seven Super Bowls, Brady has built a reputation as one of the hardest-working players in the NFL, with many stories of his intense competitiveness cropping up over the years.

Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury, who backed up Brady for a season in New England during his brief stint as an NFL player, says that he's seen Brady's intensity up close, and there's nothing else like it in the NFL.

Speaking as a guest on The Ringer podcast "Flying Coach," Kingsbury explained how a morning workout showed how different Brady was from your average NFL star.

Kingsbury and Brady were both attending a wedding in Baker's Bay in the Bahamas, a place that was like "Candyland for adults," according to Kingsbury.

Kingsbury said that he and the crew, Brady included, spent the night "getting hammered." The following day, Kingsbury woke up early, having difficulty keeping asleep, and decided to look around the island.

"I get in a little golf cart, and I'm cruising along, and I get up, and I see on these polo fields some dude with some other guy, and it looks like he's doing resistance bands drops," Kingsbury said.

"So I drive over, this is like, 7:30 [a.m.], we were up getting after it. I go over, [Brady] is already pouring sweat. He has this assistant holding his resistance bands, and he's just crushing these drops, just killing it and getting this workout in. I'm like, listen, you are such a sociopath.

"His desire to be the best ever is on another level. The world hasn't seen much like this. A guy who has dedicated every waking moment, diet, sleep, work ethic, to being the best ever."

Brady is no stranger to a hangover, as was proven by his rowdy Super Bowl celebration with the Buccaneers in February.

But whether he's celebrating a Super Bowl win or the wedding of a close friend, chances are Brady will be back to the grind the next morning, getting busy with his resistance bands.

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