Tom Brady, MrBeast hint at possible collaboration after posting photo

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Tom Brady, MrBeast hint at possible collaboration originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Tom Brady is ready for a new challenge.

After retiring from football, the legendary quarterback now seems to be conquering the social media world.

On Tuesday, he posted a picture with MrBeast. If you aren't familiar, MrBeast is a social media sensation who is known for stunts and challenges. His YouTube account has the fourth-most-subscribers (over 138 million) in the world, only behind three brands (T-Series, Cocomelon, Sony).

It's unclear what Brady and MrBeast were up to. Could there be a video coming? Was it just a simple meeting of two successful individuals? The world may never know.

On Twitter, MrBeast has over 19 million followers compared to Brady's three million. In a response to Brady's tweet of the picture, MrBeast simply said "Thanks for coming to the studio."