Tom Brady speculation will get ridiculous; TMZ yells questions at Robert Kraft on the street

This NFL offseason could be pretty crazy, with many big names on the move. But there’s no bigger story than Tom Brady.

The New England Patriots quarterback can become a free agent and, the Patriots being the Patriots, we really don’t know what the organization is going to do. It’s not like they’ll make an announcement.

That will lead to weeks of questions about what one of the greatest players in NFL history will do. Is he really going to start over at age 43 with a new team? Would the Patriots try to continue their amazing dynasty with a new quarterback in 2020?

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Whatever the final outcome, the rumors and speculation will get pretty strange. Like TMZ yelling questions at Patriots owner Robert Kraft as he got in his car.

Robert Kraft says Patriots ‘plan to’ bring Tom Brady back

One of TMZ’s methods is to catch celebrities on the street or at the airport and yell questions at them. So Kraft got the Justin Bieber treatment as he was getting into his car.

TMZ lobbed questions his way about Brady and whether the Patriots will bring him back.

“We plan to,” Kraft said as he got in the car.

Does that clear everything up? Probably not.

On one hand, “we plan to” is as much of a statement as we’ve gotten from anyone with the Patriots on Brady’s future. On the other, it’s hard to put too much stock into a three-word answer as Kraft is hurrying away.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, left, embraces quarterback Tom Brady after the AFC championship game two seasons ago. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

The decision by Brady and the Patriots will be enormous

This is what the next several weeks might be like. Because Brady’s next step is such a hot topic — to say it’s historic isn’t an overstatement; we’ll always remember Joe Montana moving to the Kansas City Chiefs, or Michael Jordan finishing his career with the Washington Wizards — any scrap of potential news is going to be overblown.

It would make sense if Kraft’s short comment was the truth. The Patriots don’t exactly have a Brady replacement in place and it won’t be easy to acquire a good one. The Patriots could plan to retain Brady. Brady would have to be receptive to that, of course. We’ll just have to see.

Until then, prepare for more craziness. This story is a pretty big deal.

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