Tom Cruise allegedly wrecked one of billionaire Larry Ellison’s cars while on his $300 million island

Tom Cruise wrote off one of Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s cars while staying on his Hawaiian island, according to a new report.

According to the extensive report, Cruise visited the island soon after Ellison bought it for $300m (£243m) in 2012 at the behest of his son David, whose company, Skydance Media, produced Cruise’s latest movie Top Gun: Maverick, as well as other films starring the actor.

Bloomberg Businessweek spoke to eight sources from the island about Cruise’s visit, and they told the publication that the star rolled and totalled a Toyota Land Cruiser while driving on the island’s unpaved roads.

Lanai Four Seasons declined to comment on Bloomberg’s report. The Independent has contacted representatives for Cruise and Four Seasons Lanai for comment. A contact for Ellison could not be found but they did not respond to Bloomberg.

A person who saw the destroyed car told Bloomberg that employees of Pulama – a land and resource management company owned by Ellison – were called to clean up and recycle the wreckage. The incident was not reported to the police as no one was injured and the car was towed away by a privately owned truck.

Tom Cruise (left) and Larry Ellison (Getty Images)
Tom Cruise (left) and Larry Ellison (Getty Images)

An employee at one of the two Ellison-owned Four Seasons resorts on the island alleged that they were suspended from work for mentioning that Cruise had been there.

Ellison is the 11th richest person in the world, boasting a net worth of $86.9bn (£70.4bn). He now owns 98 per cent of the island of Lanai’s 90,000 acres, which hosts a population of around 27,000.