"What's up with the traffic in Toronto?": Tom Cruise calls out city's traffic congestion while promoting latest film

Actor Tom Cruise calls out Toronto traffic while promoting latest film Mission: Impossible -- Dead Reckoning Part One

It appears Toronto traffic appears to be the great social equalizer after even Hollywood royalty Tom Cruise called out the city's congested roadways while promoting his latest flick Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One.

Cruise, who during an interview with ETalk's Sonia Mangat, was given his own personal "impossible mission" — to spend two hours in Toronto traffic without resorting to road rage.

"You know what, I have done that challenge and I've been in that traffic," Cruise answered. "I've made movies in Toronto, and I've visited Toronto, and I have friends in Toronto. What's up with the traffic in Toronto? Have they figured this out?" the 61-year-old actor asked.

During an unrelated news conference on Thursday, Toronto mayor-elect Olivia Chow voiced her agreement with Cruise and touched on how critical improving public transit in the city is to aid in clearing congestion off the city's roads.

“Well, you know what Tom Cruise says is always right, right?” Chow said jokingly.

Just how bad does Toronto's traffic have to be for even Tom Cruise to call it out?

A report released in January by traffic analytics company INRIX, places the megapolis as one of the worst cities for traffic congestion globally, with only Boston and Chicago topping out in North America.

The report also revealed that the average commuter lost an average of 118 hours on Greater Toronto Area roads and highways to congestion during 2022.

So next time you find yourself bumper-to-bumper on a Toronto roadway, console yourself with the fact that even Tom Cruise has felt that same agony.