Tom Hanks reflects on a long history of wedding crashing

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Hanks ponders whether to put his name down for the chicken or vegetarian option.
Hanks ponders whether to put his name down for the chicken or vegetarian option.

In his most recent role as Elvis’ Tom Parker, Tom Hanks has been described as playing “possibly the most insufferable movie character ever conceived,” “a creepy, beady-eyed leer,” and, in our review, giving a performance that “maintains a consistent veneer of menace and untrustworthiness.” Perhaps eager to get out there and demonstrate that he, the real man, is still friendly and charming, the actor seems to be using his promotional appearances to not only talk about his latest movie but also relate some personal stories that demonstrate how he’s the same old affable Hanks we’ve long known and loved.

Tom Hanks Shares Why He Loves Crashing Weddings

On last night’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, for instance, Hanks spent one of his segments talking about his history as one of the famous actors most likely to show up to a stranger’s wedding.

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After Meyers describes his guest as “a man who will show up at a wedding invited or not,” Hanks ends up on a trip down memory lane where he describes some of the times that, as he jokingly describes, his unchecked ego caused him to inject himself into other people’s big days.

Hanks begins with the time he took part in a wedding in Rome after running into the party while shooting one of those Dan Brown movies. Having accidentally developed a taste for the practice, he then went on to find himself involved with wedding after wedding. We’re shown Hanks and a huge bridal party from Pittsburgh, which he stumbled into by accident on its way to “the biggest cocktail booze cruise bus I’ve ever seen,” and him earlier this year when he ended up becoming an ordained minister thanks to a request from a couple who lived next to where he was shooting a movie—a story we covered back when it occurred.

With this subject dealt with, Hanks then decides to narrow his focus further and laud the city of Pittsburgh for the rest of the Late Night segment, endearing himself to its residents. Hopefully, during future talk show appearances he’ll continue with this trend and discuss exactly what he loves about each city in the world, one by one, until each specific market has been properly covered.

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