Tom Hanks sings Happy Birthday to lucky fan in restaurant

Ben Arnold
Tom Hanks (Credit: AP Photo/Michel Euler)

Birthdays are already pretty good, but birthdays with Tom Hanks involved?

Well, they’re just better aren’t they.

The Forrest Gump legend is currently in Albuquerque filming the new post-apocalypse drama BIOS, and was spotted having a steak at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

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Samantha Aragon was at the next table celebrating her birthday with friends, and it clearly caught the attention of Hanks, who is, frankly, always a delight when it comes to meeting fans.

Aragon told KRQE: “I said, ‘Can he just sing happy birthday to me too?’ I think he probably heard that.”

And so over Hanks came to the table.

“He said, ‘Well, where’s your dessert? We would’ve sang to you.’ I said, ‘Well, we haven’t gotten it yet.’ He said, ‘I’ll sing to you anyways,’” Aragon said, recording the brief serenade online.

Describing the experience of being sung to by Hanks as ‘probably the best 12 seconds of my life, she added: “He was tremendous. He’s just the nicest person.”

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Restaurants in the far-flung corners of the United States appear to be the best place to catch Hanks in the wild.

A few years back, he joined a group of students at a pizza restaurant in North Dakota, featuring in a series of ‘faux-drunken’ pictures they then posted on Reddit of Hanks mocking them.

(Credit: Reddit)

BIOS, meanwhile, is being helmed by British director Miguel Sapochnik (who was behind the camera for key Game of Thrones episodes including Hardhome and Battle of the Bastards).

It finds Hanks as an inventor, the last man on Earth, who builds an android to keep him and his dog company.

The movie, which is also shooting in Vancouver, is due for release in October, 2020.