Chet Hanks' ex alleges pattern of abuse in Fort Bend lawsuit

The attorneys of the former girlfriend of Tom Hanks' son point at one incident at a Sugar Land home in which he allegedly threatened suicide.

Video Transcript

MAYRA MORENO: Oscar winner Tom Hanks' son making headlines. Now, his son, Chet Hanks-- his girlfriend apparently filed a protective order against him in Fort Bend County, claiming that he threatened her and abused her on multiple occasions.

So we just got those court documents and in them, this is what they say. The girlfriend tried to leave Chet Hanks after a few arguments.

And Hanks apparently grabbed her arm, knocking her over on a table, and then dragging her away from the door as she tried to leave their hotel room in New Orleans. The alleged incident happened last October.

Now, a second incident, it says, happened at their home in Sugar Land back in December. But Hanks, he's fighting back, suing his girlfriend over money that she allegedly stole, totaling over $5,000 in fraudulent charges to Hanks' debit card.

ABC 13 reached out to Hanks' attorney, Marty D. Singer, who says the girlfriend's claims against Hanks are completely false.