Tom Hanks Lost His Temper And Swore At A Crowd Of Fans After His Wife Rita Wilson Was Tripped And Everyone Is In Shock

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Throughout his glittering career, Tom Hanks has earned a reputation for being one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, with nobody really seeming to have a bad word against him.

He is renowned for his calm and friendly persona, and is usually able to maintain his cool even in stressful situations.

However, everybody has their limits and Tom’s is his wife, Rita Wilson, whom he has been married to for 34 years and shares two sons with.

The couple first met on the set of the sitcom Bosom Buddies in 1981 and have been seriously loved up ever since.

In turn, actor and singer Rita is no doubt used to the fanfare that comes with being out in public with her husband.

But things were more rowdy than usual when she and Tom stepped out in New York City on Wednesday.

The pair had grabbed dinner at a nearby eatery after attending a screening of his new movie, Elvis, earlier in the evening.

However, a swarm of fans and paparazzi had crowded outside of the restaurant, and immediately surrounded them as they made their way out.

In a video that has been circulated online, Tom and Rita were initially characteristically calm as they walked amid the crowd who were desperately trying to get selfies and videos with Tom.

While Tom walked a few steps behind his wife, the night took a turn when some of the fans seemingly became too engrossed in the actor to watch where they were going and bumped into each other — consequently tripping Rita.

Rita could be heard shrieking as she lost her footing and turned around to face the crowd as she told them: “Stop it!”

Tom’s protective side also came out, with the star rushing to check that Rita was OK before scolding the fans for their behavior.

Addressing the entire swarm, Tom shouted: “My wife?! Back the fuck up! Knocking over my wife?!”

He and Rita then made their way into a waiting car, with the group mumbling their apologies as they processed what had just happened.

Needless to say, the clip has gone viral online, and it has sparked an important conversation about the way that celebrities are treated when they are out in public.

The overwhelming majority have supported Tom’s response as they blasted the group for not treating the couple like humans.

“Watching those people aggravate @tomhanks and his wife in that video truly sickens me . Remember they are not celebrities they are human beings… Respect them. Be kind,” one person tweeted.

“I would probably cry if I got yelled at by Tom Hanks. I’m repeating this clip to see who was at fault. You shouldn’t bother celebrities or be that close to them for a nonconsensual selfie,” another wrote. Someone else agreed: “If you got Tom Hanks Pissed at you. Well, you must be being a real douche. Got excited to see celebrities is one thing, but invading their space and almost trip their loved ones is another level of madness!”

“Tom Hanks was completely in the right. Celebrity or not, everyone is entitled to personal space and when you overstep into that space and cause Tom Hanks’ wife to trip, you deserve to be put in your place and feel ashamed,” a fourth added.

Others have just been left shaken by the flip in Tom’s personality, with many admitting that they would be full of “shame” if they were the ones to anger the notoriously friendly star.

“If Tom Hanks yelled and looked at me like that I think I would feel shame forever,” one person wrote. Another echoed: “Imagine being the person who makes Tom Hanks rise to this level of anger. I would never go out in public again.”

“Imagine being yelled at by Tom Hanks. He’s the nicest guy ever. I would probably cry,” someone else tweeted. And one more said: “Tom Hanks is, by the entire world's accounts, one of the nicest people on the entire fucking planet. How dare anyone make his lovely wife feel unsafe and then try to shame him for protecting her. Stan this amazing human ALWAYS.”

And this social media user summed it up best when they tweeted: “Just a public service announcement on behalf of anyone who ever meets a celebrity in person. Don’t be a jerk or overly aggressive. Be respectful and treat them the same way you’d want to be treated. Talk to them like you’d talk to your parents. @tomhanks deserves the same curtsey.”

Advice that everybody should probably take on board.

Jun. 21, 2022, at 15:02 PM

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