Tomi Lahren says she agrees with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about birth control: 'Doesn’t make me feminist'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s likening of migrant detention centers to concentration camps may have conservatives seeing red, but she’s getting support on another matter from an unexpected source: Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren.

A month after she surprised followers by calling Alabama’s abortion ban “too restrictive,” the conservative commentator has announced that she agrees with Ocasio-Cortez that birth control should be available over the counter and without a prescription. The freshman congresswoman is among the co-sponsors of the “Affordability Is Access” bill created by Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) to make oral contraception more readily available and covered by insurance.

Though Lahren typically delights in throwing barbs at those with liberal views, she admitted that making birth control easier to access would be “helpful.” In true Lahren fashion, however, she added a caveat: “Acknowledging that doesn’t make me feminist, makes me a realist!”

Lahren isn’t the first so-called strange bedfellow to take up the birth control cause. Earlier this month, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz offered to team up with Ocasio-Cortez on a “simple, clean bill.” Rep. Pressley then swooped in to remind him that said bill was already in the works.

Lahren’s tweet got a lot of criticism, for a variety of reasons. Many followers voiced concerns that using over-the-counter contraceptives without the green light from a doctor could put women at risk of health complications. Others objected to Lahren’s jab at feminism.

Some liberals were surprised to find themselves agreeing with the Republican TV personality.

“Stop saying s*** I can agree with, it makes me feel gross,” quipped one commenter.

Lahren’s more conservative fans, however, pushed back against her proposal. Several suggested that women rely instead on abstinence or use condoms with a sexual partner, though many women use birth control for a variety of health issues, not merely to prevent pregnancy.

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