Tommy Robinson banned from YouTube for 'hate speech' in message from prison

British far-right activist and former leader and founder of English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, arrives at the Old Bailey on July 11, 2019 (Photo by Luke Dray/Getty Images)

Tommy Robinson has been removed from YouTube for breaching their hate speech policy.

A video titled Tommy Robinson message from prison has reportedly violated the site’s rules.

The clip shows Robinson speaking to the camera before he was sentenced for contempt of court at the Old Bailey in London.

In the video, he says: "So I'm in prison. For the crime of journalism. For exposing Muslim paedophile rapists.

"British journalists don't seem bothered about this at all. They are puppets of the corporate, globalist media."

The former-EDL leader continues: "If this happened to vulnerable young Muslim girls, towns and cities all over Europe would become a war zone."

His YouTube channel had around 300,000 subscribers.

The ban comes months after Facebook and Instagram removed Robinson’s profiles for violating policy on hate speech.

Staff from Westminster Abbey look on as supporters of Tommy Robinson real mame Stephen Yaxley - Lennon protest outside, after he was sentenced to nine months in prison for contempt of court. He was found guilty of filming defendants accused of child sex offences outside Leeds Crown Court and live-streaming the footage on Facebook Live in May, 2018. (photo by Claire Doherty/In Pictures via Getty Images)

Robinson was caged for nine months for breaching a reporting restriction by live-streaming a video outside court during a child grooming trial.

Protests erupted outside court after Robinson was jailed. Demonstrators clashed with police during a march towards the Houses of Parliament.

As he has already spent around 10 weeks in prison, it’s likely Robinson will serve two and a half months in jail.


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