Too Hot to Handle viewers complain about one couple ‘getting all the screen time’

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Viewers of Netflix reality show Too Hot to Handle have complained about one of the contestant pairings receiving “too much” airtime.

Too Hot to Handle, which first launched on the streaming platform in 2020, is a dating programme in which its contestants try to embrace celibacy to find true love and possibly win a large cash prize.

However, if the contestants kiss or have any sexual contact, money gets deducted from the final winnings: a maximum grand prize of $200,000 for season 3.

Since the show’s third run premiered last week, Nathan Soan and Holly Scarfone have been one of its most discussed couples, due to their frequent rule-breaking.

However, despite their sexually charged actions making them a key part of the season’s drama, not all fans are appreciative of the focus given to them, with some preferring alternative couple Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond.

“Why are they making this season of Too Hot to Handle about Nathan and Holly when it should clearly be about Harry and Beaux?” wrote one fan of the show, while another said: “I wish Too Hot to Handle focused on Beaux and Harry more and less on Nathan and Holly [to be honest].”

Holly and Nathan share a kiss on season 3 of Too Hot to Handle (Netflix)
Holly and Nathan share a kiss on season 3 of Too Hot to Handle (Netflix)

Others used Twitter to express their frustrations at the couple’s decisions to engage in intimate activities, even though each action resulted in major deductions from the final cash prize.

“Holly and Nathan were so selfish in Too Hot to Handle. Like stop arguing that the group doesn’t have faith in your connection when you continue to break the rules and stick with a man who lies constantly…” wrote one sceptical viewer.

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