Too many phone numbers: PUC releases new area code for southeast Pennsylvania

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Move over, 484 and 610; a new area code is coming to town.

Citing dwindling stock of available phone numbers in those area codes, the Public Utilities Commission announced the assignment of a new area code, 835.

The new code will go into effect when all available 484 and 610 phone numbers are exhausted, which the Commission estimates will happen in early 2023. At the point, all future numbers originally served by those area codes will be made with the new 835 area code.

The 835 area code will serve the same geographical areas as the 484 and 610 area codes, including Berks, Chester, Delaware and Northampton counties, along with portions of Montgomery County.

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The commission's move to establish the 835 area code is in response to a petition filed by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator. According to that petition, all existing customers would retain their 484 or 610 area code and would not have to change their telephone numbers.

While this petition notes the Number Planning Area for the 835 area code will last for 58 years, splits and the implementation of new area code overlays is not a rare phenomenon.

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In January 1994, the 215 number planning area underwent a geographic split, creating the 610 number planning area. Regional growth then lead to 610 needing additional relief, so in 1999 the 484 area code was introduced as a 610 overlay.

While the general public will be generally unaffected by this new area code, the Commission does point to special-use devices and systems such as automatic dialers, life-safety and medical alert systems, alarm/security systems and security gates as those which will need fine-tuning when the new area code is fully implemented.

This article originally appeared on Bucks County Courier Times: New 835 area code coming for southeastern Pennsylvania