‘Too much crazy stuff out here;’ Customers react to use of security doors, why they are important

With the rise of mass shootings, including the deadly mass shooting in Maine last night, many businesses may start looking into new security measures.

One such security measure is adding security doors that require customers to be buzzed in to get inside.

Only a handful of businesses in the Miami Valley use security doors, but customers are aware that this could change.

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Curtis Johnson, a Dayton resident, told News Center 7′s Mike Campbell he believes that the rise in violent gun crime may force businesses to adopt security doors in a more widespread fashion.

Johnson is a customer at the Chase Bank off West Third Street in Dayton, which has one such security door.

Customers enter one interior door, are examined for potential weapons, and then the light on the entrance door goes from red to green when cleared.

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“It doesn’t bother me, it protects the workers in there from being shot or killed,” Johnson said when asked about the security measures.

Employees at the bank told Campbell that they liked the safety feature.

Typical locations for these types of security doors are banks and jewelry stores, but Fox Dry Cleaners off North Main Street also has one.

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Customers stand at an outer door, ring a buzzer, and have an employee buzz them in and allow entrance.

Shannon Mitchell of Harrison Township said she likes the concept of security doors but says cash flow concerns may keep them from becoming more widely used.

“I think it’s a great idea, it doesn’t bother me at all. Yeah, but they’re expensive and the smaller businesses can’t afford it,” Mitchell said.

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As more details are uncovered about what happened in Maine, many people may start at least considering the door security upgrades.

“Like I said, it’s too many people doing too much crazy stuff out here, so I think it’s good,” Johnson said.

The industry group Total Security Solutions says the man-trap set of security doors usually costs around $30,000 on average but could cost more which may keep them from being widely used.