'Too Late' sneak peek: 'Need some help?'

Fred Armisen appears in this exclusive clip from the horror comedy 'Too Late'

Video Transcript

- Vi, need some help?

- No, I'm good. But I got your pudding cups. Right there.

- Oh, sweet.

- Yes, I got you chocolate.

- Thank you, Vi.

- There's one. You're welcome.

- I swear you are doing God's work.

- Wow. You're just a little ray of sunshine today.

- Got my pudding.

- Yep.

- Bob's in a good mood.

- Bob's never in a good mood.

- Well, Donna's coming tonight.

- Donna Rudinsky from [? TelVid? ?] Like, not her assistant? Like, the actual vice president of production from the network?

- Mm-hmm.

- Is coming to our show tonight?

- Tonight.

- I have been trying to meet with her for years.

- Please don't make him mad, Vi. I mean, if Bob's not happy, nobody's happy.



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