Top 10 ed tech trends to watch out for in 2015

The days of classrooms with chalkboards and the occasional VCR recorder are long over. Now, you are more likely to see smart whiteboards and iPads being issued in schools across the West, and the modern backbone of education is now based less on hardcopy books and more on mobile technology, the cloud and apps.

As options for learning change -- ranging from educational apps to online courses -- our understanding of teaching methods, learning techniques and what key skills a student should leave school with also adapts.

An infographic from cloud-based learning management services provider TalentLMS explores a number of key trends we are likely to see grow next year. The flipped classroom -- blending both online and in-class teaching -- gamification and cloud-based educational services such as Google's Apps for Education Suite all make an appearance, and are likely to grow in popularity next year.

Check it out below.


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