Top 5 fantasy rookie WRs for dynasty leagues

Fantasy writer Marvin Elequin joins Yahoo Fantasy expert Matt Harmon to rank rookie receivers who have made an impact in 2020.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Let's talk about this 2020 rookie class. Give me your top five in order of which ones you'd have not just for the rest of this year, obviously, but going forward in dynasty. And there's a lot of good options to choose from. We know that.

MARVIN ELEQUIN: Yeah, I love this rookie class. It almost seems like there's one breaking out every single week. So to me, if I had to rank the top five, I'd have to say CeeDee Lamb is still up there. I loved him coming out of college as one of the more complete receivers in this class. And with Dak not being there, his upside is a little capped for this year. But I think going forward, you can still rely on him as one of the better route-runners in this class going forward.

As far as wide receiver two, it's kind of a tie for me right now. I really love Tee Higgins out of Clemson. And for Cincinnati, just what he's shown taking over as that lead receiver, leading this class in first downs, leading this class in dominator rating, just being the focal point of that Cincinnati offense. And he's also tied to Joe Burrow, which I love, so he'd be the second for me.

I'd have to say Justin Jefferson is third. Wide receiver six in receiving yards. Wide receiver eight in completed air yards. He's showing that he's not just one of the better rookie receivers, but one of the better receivers in the league. So I'd have to say he's third.

And then I do think Jeudy. We haven't seen him pop quite yet, but I think he's one of the best receivers in this class. Unfortunately, the situation is not what I would like necessarily with Drew Lock there, though you could see an upgrade at quarterback potentially next year. So TBD on that, but I do think he's one of the more savvy and efficient route-runners in this class, and that's his strength. And I love what I've seen from him.

And then at fifth, I might have to say it's Michael Pittman Jr. I just love his profile, his athletic profile, and his ability in the contested catch in the receiving game and the long game as well. So I do think with the combination of opportunity and skill, I think he might have to be fifth. But to be honest, I'm struggling to rank these guys because I could probably list another two or three there that could be in my top five. Because it's just that good of a class.