Top 6: Main Line Animal Rescue in Phoenixville

Jessica Boyington visits Main Line Animal Rescue in Phoenixville, Chester County.

Video Transcript

- This week's top six, an animal shelter in Chester County has a state of the art facility to make sure pets are practically house trained before they're adopted. Jessica Boyington takes us on a tour.

- A drive through the lush landscape of Phoenixville can put you right on the grounds of Main Line Animal Rescue, an animal rehabilitation and adoption facility. It's situated on a 60 acre terrain with play yards and miles of trails, perfect for long nature walks and an escape from life in the kennel.

- Is this all yours?

- Their primary focus is specific to recovery for animals with medical issues and healing for those who have behavioral challenges.

- Are we buddies now?

- There's a behavior barn complete with an obedience room where their dogs go through training to learn basic commands, play games, and soak up doggy enrichment activities.


- There's even a makeshift apartment attached to teach house manners and familiarize pets with basic home devices so their transition to a real home will be easier.

- I want to move in here. What's the rent in here?

- This is King. He's a one-year-old half bulldog, half standard poodle, which explains his crazy hair and unique physique. I got to witness some of his training session and needless to say, he's a very good boy.

- Oh, that's a angel. Good boy.

- Peach is a one-year-old hound mix. She's affectionate, curious, and quite the saleswoman.

- Are you curious?


- Roxy is a five-year-old kitty with a playful, sassy personality.

- I don't have a cat, but if I had a cat, this would be the kind of cat I would have. To meet any of these adorable fur babies or to check out others, you can apply online and a volunteer will call you to schedule an appointment.

- Jessica Boyington, channel 6, Action News.