These are the top color trends for 2023 and how to use them in your home for a stylish space

Our insider tips on the interior color trends 2023 show how to use the hottest hues to give your home a refresh

If you’re looking for an easy way to give your home a modern makeover, introducing the color trends 2023 is the way to go. From calming neutral shades of brown and cream to dopamine-inducing tones of yellow and lilac, there’s plenty to choose from if you want to give your home a modern makeover.

While the latest interior paint color trends for 2023 are an obvious place to start when it comes to adding character and color into any room, there are other ways to incorporate the key color trends of 2023 via interior furnishings, artwork, and textiles.

“In Feng Shui, we work with the five natural elements of Earth, Water, Wood, Fire, and Metal to bring balance and harmony to the unique energy of a home” explains Interiors Therapy and Feng Shui expert Suzanne Roynon.

“Colors will often cross from one element to another depending on the precise tone or shade; for example, deep, dark colors and blues represent water, while pastels, lighter greys, whites, and golds support metal. So when working to bring out the best in a home, we look at the specific elemental energy a room or area requires. Getting the balance right allows everyone to relax and enjoy a calmer, more enjoyable space.”

We've quizzed interior design experts to share their top tips on which hues to bring into our homes in 2023.     


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1. Chocolate tones

“More than a trend, we’d call it a renaissance,” says Steve Mariner, sales director at David Wilson Homes.“In the 1970s, brown was the interior ‘it’ color with smoked glass, dark furniture, and rich colored textiles. Today, we’re seeing this passion for brown start to push out the preference for greys, which has dominated interior design for several years.'

"While brown is still a neutral color, it is warmer than grey and provides a little added drama. It’s grounding, comforting and characterful."

Suzanne says that while brown is a comforting color, using too much of it can make you feel stuck, so avoid painting the walls and instead introduce the trend through accessories and furniture. “It has to be used in moderation unless the room is well-lit, as the depth of color will make a space feel smaller,” she advises.

If you’re looking at how to make a home look expensive on a budget, this shade is a good option, especially if you choose luxe materials such as velvet. Dark, chocolate wooden accessories will also add that much-needed hint of luxury. If you want to invest more in the trend, look for rich brown furniture to bring the trend into your home. 

Don’t just save this color for the living room though, Suzanne suggests using it for any room where you relax and have time to feel grounded.

This warming tone is proving key to bathroom trends 2023, with Suzanne in agreement saying: “Bathrooms and wet rooms benefit from earth colors which naturally absorb the excess of the water element,” she says. “Teaming a rich chocolate with creams and warm whites is a good way to feel the warmth of the color without it becoming oppressive.”

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2. Viva Magenta

If you like your interiors bold and beautiful, Pantone’s Color of The Year is for you. A hybrid between red and pink, this vivacious shade is described by Pantone as “audacious, full of wit, and inclusive of all.”

Not sure how to use Pantone's color of the year 2023 in your home? If your home is full of neutrals, for example, a rug with accents of this shade will add a burst of color, as will a throw or art print. For those who love a bolder life, why not choose a sofa in Viva Magenta and make it the star of your living room?

“Shades of pink have been popular in 2022 and it looks like the popularity is only going to increase, “ says Cari Bateman, Senior Designer at Neville Johnson. “We can see this color being used as a wonderful accent piece amongst more neutral designs in larger communal spaces within the home.”

Ryan McDonough at says the brightness of the shade also works really well if you have a home office. “If your work relies on you being creative and full of energy then Viva Magenta is great for invigorating home offices and boosting your energy,” he suggests.

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3. Soft greens

This year, soft green reigns supreme. Think of shades of sage green and mint, relaxing hues of green that will help you chill out in your home. In fact, it’s also the Dulux color of the year for 2023, chosen by the paint manufacturers because it “connects us with the cycles of life, by creating a sense of energy and positivity."

 Rikki Fothergill, the interior design expert at Big Bathroom Shop, suggests going one step further and using green as an overall color scheme.

“Green can be paired up or down to achieve either an understated, calming washroom or a bold and brassy bathroom,” she says. “It’s a great color to help you achieve that fresh and clean aesthetic that works so well in a bathroom.”

The quickest way to introduce this color is with tiles, but if you don’t want to make any permanent changes, choose green towels, bath mats, and accessories such as soap dispensers or mirrors. Another option is to paint any furnishings you have in the bathroom such as bathroom cabinets or storage units. 

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4. Blush beige

Paint brand Sherwin-Williams name their color of the year as 'Redend Point', a soft blush-beige hue. While ‘Millennial Pink’ has long been a popular interior color, this pink paint color is softer. Almost a pinky beige, it’s a good base color and can be used in larger areas without overwhelming the room.

Suzanne says this warm and nurturing tone can lift a scheme without being too imposing. “It’s a friendly, feminine shade and would work well in a bedroom, sitting room, and to mute harsh sunlight in a very bright conservatory,” she says.  “It would also be a supportive bathroom color, giving ‘sanctuary’ vibes.”

Choose duvet covers, candles, vases, and art prints in this sweet shade to add a pretty dimension to any bedroom.

Decluttering and interior design expert Nicola Rodriguez says this is one of the color trends 2023 that looks great paired with other soft shades. “This color would work well in any room in your home, and I would recommend accompanying it with pastel colors or off-white,” suggests Nicola, “to create a light and airy feel in any room.”

5. Honey yellow

If super bright shades aren’t your thing, but pastels are a bit too feminine, try this muted yellow shade, which is predicted to be one of the big color trends 2023. The honey yellow tones are not only easy to add to your interior design but also earthy tones feel incredibly current right now.

After the past few years of being in our homes more than usual, it’s no surprise that this honeycomb shade is in vogue. Its association with the sun means it's full of warmth and energy.

“This color represents summer, inspiration, optimism, and happiness, so can also be used all over your house,” says Nicola. “It works well for a home as it can evoke relaxation and does not stimulate your mind."

If you’re looking for paint color ideas for a kitchen, this honeyed hue works well when teamed with white or black, for a striking modern look, or other golden hues, for something more subtle. While it will work well as paint on the walls, muted yellow tiles, kitchen utensils, and artwork will help give any kitchen a quick sunny makeover.

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6. Warm neutrals

With the continuing popularity of the Japandi interior design trend, nature-inspired naturals are here to stay. Warm neutrals, such as cream, beige, tan, and gold not only make for the best bedroom paint colors but also work well when it comes to choosing furniture and textiles throughout the home.

“Tap into the ongoing 70’s aesthetic revival when it comes to incorporating neutrals in interior plans,” says Laura Fernandez, senior designer at decorative fabric specialist Prestigious Textiles.

As well as choosing throws and cushions in these relaxing shades, she also suggests reworking old pieces of furniture.

“Upholster rounded pieces of furniture like armchairs, sofas, and pouffes with teddy-like fabrics such as boucle for a completely cozy feel,” Laura suggests. “A focus on colorways of cream, beige and brown create a simple yet stunning setting.”

(Prestigious Textiles)
7. Ocean blue

Whether you plump for azure blue or cobalt blue, this is one of the color trends 2023 that’s bursting onto the interior design scene. Once again, this trend began on the catwalk last year with a bold blue and carried on with a more tranquil shade this year.

The color of freedom, intuition, and inspiration, this is a great shade to put in those rooms where you need to feel uplifted. Bedrooms, kitchens, and home offices will all work well with this shade.

 “We’re seeing great demand already for striking floral prints with a modern twist of vibrant color palettes of rich blue, vivid pinks, and canary yellows,” explains Georgia Metcalfe, the founder of luxury bedroom specialist French Bedroom.

“Create a single wallpapered wall or pick out a new patterned headboard to work against a crisp white backdrop for a truly captivating focal point in a lounge or bedroom. Opt for larger flowers such as gerberas, hydrangeas, and poppies for a contemporary look.” Oversized blooms are in fact one of the biggest wallpaper trends of 2023.

If that feels too OTT for your design sensibilities, combining blue with natural light injects a feeling of calm and pureness. Think wafting linen blue curtains against a white wall in a bedroom or lounge. Or white shelves accessorized with varying shades of blue glass vases and bottles.

8. Sunset shades

From bold blues to shades of sunset - think oranges, pinky reds and golden yellow hues that make up those gorgeous tones as the sun sets.

A key component of these sunset shades is the paint brand Benjamin Moore and their color of 2023 - Raspberry Blush. It’s a vibrant shade that combines red tones with a hint of orange.

“Raspberry Blush 2008-30 embodies an infectious optimism, full of hope and joie de vivre,” says Helen Shaw, Marketing Director at Benjamin Moore UK, who says these sunset shades have the ability to change the mood of a room.

Helen advises teaming these sunset colors with black details, antique gold finishes, and natural elements such as rattan lampshades or linen throws. This shouldn’t be a look that’s too in your face – it should have a relaxing feel, so choose those elements that add impact without being too over the top. 

Cushions, rugs, and artwork in vibrant shades against more neutral tones will help create that sundowner feel – just don’t forget the cocktails!

If you’re feeling really brave, team the different sunset shades together to create a vibrate mismatch of joyful colors. Pair with the best white paint colors to ensure the room isn’t too overwhelmed with colors.

9. Calming lavender

If you’re looking for something to replace grey, why not choose lavender? It packs a similar punch, and goes with many neutral shades but is a whole lot less dull. 

Trend forecaster, WGSN, has chosen Digital Lavender as their color of the year for 2023, citing it as a color that will promote calmness throughout the home.

“As an alternative to the earthier neutrals or stark whites, Lavender tends to be calming and quite gentle on the eye although it’s probably best avoided in a very cold room,” says Suzanne, who says the calming nature of it can work well in children’s rooms.

Choose soft furnishings in this pretty shade or use them to upcycle old pieces of furniture. It’s also a surprising, but sophisticated, the choice for kitchen cabinets, or even cookware.

“The blush or blue undertones of Lavender work in either a feminine or masculine scheme and it’s a good multipurpose option throughout the home,” says Suzanne. “However, it can sometimes feel old fashioned, so lift with art and soft furnishings using stronger purples and pinks or layer with soft blues and greys to bring it up to date.”

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What is the decorating color for 2023?

This primary shade has been out of the interior spotlight for a while, but it’s definitely back as one of the color trends in 2023. Just like other vibrant shades, it packs a punch for transforming a room, injecting it with lots of energy.

“I love bright red for its ability to boost vitality and excitement in a space,” says Suzanne. “Bright red, along with hot pinks and oranges are classed as ‘fire colors’ in Feng Shui and will provide a boost in parts of the home where things are a little sluggish. However, as with anything in life, too much can be a bad thing. Use these hot colors as highlights rather than for a main scheme.”

While it may not be the color for one of the big kitchen trends of 2023, red works well in the kitchen – in small doses.  

“I’d always avoid bringing a lot of red into a kitchen because this space already generates a great deal of fire energy,” says Suzanne. “Better to zing up the space with smaller appliances in red than overpower the energy and senses with a full-on cupboards or walls experience.”

While a positive color, red can be too powerful for some rooms, especially bedrooms. “I would say not to use this color in a bedroom,” says Nicola.  “It’s not considered a tranquil color, so definitely not a good choice for your sleep haven!”

If you still want to add this shade to your bedroom, avoid painting walls and instead pick elements of red, such as in artwork or lampshades. Combining it with more neutral shades, like white or cream will make it feel more contemporary. That way, you’ll get the uplift of the shade without it interfering with sleep patterns.


Our insider tips on the interior color trends 2023 show how to use the hottest hues to give your home a refresh