Top Designer Paloma Contreras Blends Elegance and Comfort in This Houston Home

Samantha Swenson
Photo credit: Kerry Kirk

From ELLE Decor

Houston-based interior designer Paloma Contreras has a knack for infusing spaces with a traditional-meets-modern sensibility. So perhaps it’s no wonder that a young married couple, who moved from New York to Houston, tapped Contreras to decorate the interiors of their three-bedroom residence in the Lone Star State.

The client’s home, built in the early 30s, was formerly a duplex that had been combined by the previous owners. Though the renovation doubled the size of the house, Contreras noted that some of the rooms felt a little choppy. Her task? To create unity throughout and make it feel like a seamless, single-family residence.

Photo credit: Kerry Kirk

Contreras took cues from the home’s traditional architectural details, but she added a touch of modernity. “I wanted it to feel classic,” she says, “But also fresh and fun.” She created mindful entertaining areas—like the living room, family room, and TV lounge—where the couple could hang out with friends. Throughout the home, she incorporated a mix of high and low pieces with custom furniture, including the brass cocktail table in front of the living room fireplace as well as the family room’s sofa and ottoman.

Although the clients didn’t bring any furniture with them from New York, they did keep a collection of artwork, which Contreras made a focal point. In the dining room, for example, she kept the color palette neutral so as to showcase the artwork above the console table. Throughout the home, she layered textures, patterns, and splashes of color to create a home that is at once timeless and of-the-moment—one that Contreras describes as “modern meets traditional with a hint of glamour.”

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