New top dog joins Larry the cat at Downing Street

There's a new top dog at No. 10 Downing Street, and it's not British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The fresh arrival is a 15-week-old Jack Russell puppy, who has been adopted by Johnson and delivered to the British leader's official residence on Monday (September 2).

The dog, who doesn't yet have a name, came from an animal rescue charity in south Wales.

It's hoped the adoption will help publicise Lucy's Law - a crackdown on puppy farms, which mistreat young dogs.

Downing Street already has a resident cat, Larry, who carries the official title of "Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office".

A Twitter account called @Number10cat has over 320,000 followers, and on Monday it published a post saying "Confirmation that Downing Street is going to the dogs...", alongside a picture of Larry's new housemate.

It's not clear how the two animals will get along, but Larry may not be too worried. After all, he has already outlasted two former prime ministers, David Cameron and Theresa May.