Top Five ‘Little Miss’ Memes That Read Us For Filth

·2 min read

If your timeline has not been flooded with any “Little Miss” posts yet, consider yourself lucky. Many users have only been seeing these comical cartoon characters every time we scroll. Some of them have been hitting home a little too much though. They have had us grasping our pearls at the accuracy! Here are the top five “Little Miss” memes that have read us for absolute filth!

“What Time Were You Born?”

To all of my astrology babes, are you okay? They are on Beyoncé’s internet coming at us as if we broke the law! If you haven’t asked your significant other what time they were born, you’re doing something wrong. We always need that birth chart on the first date!

Commitment Issues

Always running away from a relationship? They’re out here coming for you too! Commitment-phobes are not safe out in these social media streets. But in all fairness, who really needs a relatipnship anyway?

Repressed Childhood Trauma

Okay, I just would like the address to whoever makes these. Now its becoming too personal! This post just told us to go get a therapist, quick!

Iron Deficiency

Any ice-eating girls in the building? If you often find yourself asking if anyone else is cold, this post is for you. Time to go get some iron pills and a blanket!

Seasonal Depression

Yet another post that is telling us to get a therapist. For the girls who find that they feel sadness more during the fall and winter, it’s okay! We’re in this together. A meme won’t break us today (besides we have several months until winter, we’ll be okay for now).