Top Fleetwood Mac tribute band to visit Anderson

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Sep. 17—ANDERSON — What do you get when you get five Fleetwood Mac fans together? The self-described No. 1 Fleetwood Mac tribute, Tusk.

Scott McDonald, the group's lead guitarist, said it all began with the encouragement of a friend.

"A mutual friend of ours saw all of us in different projects and we were all doing Fleetwood Mac and he suggested we get together and do a tribute," he said. "We kicked the idea around for a little while and one day, we said, 'Why don't we try it? It'll be fun,' and here we are."

It's been nearly 16 years since the mutual friend set them up and nearly 14 since they started touring. They are slated to perform in Anderson at the Paramount Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 30.

McDonald couldn't recall if they've ever been to Anderson but said they are excited to visit.

"We're really excited. We're excited to go to a place for the first time."

Fans will get to hear some of their favorite Fleetwood Mac hits. He said they try to keep the show limited to the hits, but with some surprises. Lights and other visuals are used to make the show a memorable experience.

Fleetwood Mac, at least in the 70's, he said, were known for their powerful performance which they try to emulate. So much so, McDonald plays a Rick Turner Model One, the same kind played by Lindsey Buckingham.

When asked which songs are his favorites, he said "The Chain," "Rhiannon" and "Go Your Own Way." McDonald loves the diversity among Fleetwood Mac's repertoire. He said with each song, listeners get a unique glimpse into the writer's personality.

"It's fun to listen to their music. It's not one particular type of song you get. You might get a guitar-based song with Lindsey. With Stevie (Nicks), you get ethereal lyrics. Christine (McVie) writes fantastically concise, well-arranged pop songs," he said.

Having fun, McDonald said, is what keeps them going back out there, night after night.

COVID-19 restrictions brought touring to a near halt. However, Tusk was able to compensate by doing drive-in and limited seating gigs.

"We are a business, so we were able to survive it financially. I know a lot groups struggled with that, people we were friends with," he said. "We were lucky. If it continued on much longer, I'm not sure how much longer we would have been able to survive it."

As restrictions have eased, audiences have been making up for entertainment previously lost. When asked how audiences have been, he said they've been eager to come out and enjoy. He said things have been heading back to normal, which he his excited about.

Tickets may be purchased online at the Paramount Theatre website. Those seeking information and updates regarding the group should consult Tusk's website at

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