The Top Food Trends Of The Year So Far Might Surprise You

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(Photo: James de Wall via Getty Images)
(Photo: James de Wall via Getty Images)

It’s no secret that people are dining out at restaurants more now, thanks to rising vaccination rates and the general spirit of #hotvaxsummer. But they’re also continuing to order delivery meals ― and revealing some interesting food preferences.

Today, Grubhub released its annual “State of the Plate” report, which highlights new gastronomic trends based on user data. This includes the top trending foods, top alcohol orders and top picks for certain meals like breakfast or late-night eats.

Top Foods Of 2021 To Date

  1. Plant-based sausage wrap (+549%)

  2. Bubble milk tea (+505%)

  3. Birria taco (+500%)

  4. Everything omelet (+454%)

  5. Strawberry banana cream smoothie (+430%)

  6. Spicy miso tonkotsu ramen (354%)

  7. Churro waffle (+339%)

  8. Beef empanada (+333%)

  9. Nashville hot chicken sandwich (+327%)

  10. Korean barbecue cauliflower wing (+302%)

To compile the report, the folks at Grubhub examined tens of millions of orders placed on the platform. They identified food items rising in popularity by comparing Grubhub orders placed from January to June 2021 to those placed in the same time frame in 2020.

The plant-based sausage wrap saw the fastest growth on Grubhub during the first six months of 2021 ― a 549% increase in popularity compared to that time last year. Keep scrolling for other findings, like the top side dishes, top desserts and more.

Top Side Dishes

  1. Cajun fries (+630%)

  2. Red beans and rice (+612%)

  3. Corn chowder (+603%)

  4. Jalapeno bites (+465%)

  5. Biscuits and gravy (+368%)

Top Desserts

  1. Chocolate french silk pie (+698%)

  2. Cinnamon apple pie (+584%)

  3. Frozen custard (+486%)

  4. Cookies & cream milkshake (+458%)

  5. Peanut butter & hot fudge sundae (+423%)

Top Vegan Orders

  1. Plant-based sausage wrap (+549%)

  2. Barbecue cauliflower wing (+302%)

  3. Mushroom & tofu broth ramen (+299%)

  4. Sauteed string bean + garlic (+264%)

  5. Grilled vegetable hummus bowl (+242%)

Top Alcohol Orders

  1. Dutch lager

  2. Hot sake

  3. Japanese beer

  4. Hibiscus margarita

  5. Blood orange margarita

  6. Aperol spritz

  7. Hard seltzer

  8. Peach paloma

  9. Pina colada

  10. Mimosa

Top Breakfasts

  1. Mocha iced coffee (+351%)

  2. Chorizo breakfast burrito (+318%)

  3. Acai bowl (+297%)

  4. Mango pineapple smoothie (+207%)

  5. Shrimp & grits (+178%)

Top Late-Night Eats

  1. Pizza puff (+294%)

  2. Strawberry cheesecake (+269%)

  3. Buffalo chicken pizza (+244%)

  4. Buffalo wings (+234%)

  5. Hot fudge sundae (+209%)

Check out the full report for more information about these findings, as well as other data such as rising restaurants, seasonal trends and more.

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