Your top "friend date" ideas in the Twin Cities

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So you successfully made a new friend in the Twin Cities. Now what?

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Flashback: We surveyed readers two weeks ago about their experiences making friends in Minnesota, including things to do on "friend dates."

Going to breweries, biking, grabbing ice cream and taking walks around a lake were the most common suggestions. Here are some others:

  • "An art fair! Good combination of things to see and eat and enjoy and (let's be honest) judge." — Grace F.

  • "Cafe Alma & walking the Stone Arch Bridge, because what's more Twin Cities and friend-romantic than that?!" — Marie

  • "Mall of America — lots of things to chat about so no awkward silences as a friendship is growing!" — Anonymous

  • "An evening bonfire with plenty of wine." — Shelly C.

  • "Ride the green line from Saint Paul to Minneapolis. Make a few stops, see a show at Turf Club. Hike Mounds Park or Minnehaha Falls areas." — Anonymous

  • "Volunteering. Most of the time, the task at hand is very leisurely and can serve as either a conversation starter or an easy out to fill dead air, or both." — Dan W.

  • "Doesn't matter. Being able to sit and chat anywhere is great. Food and beer help." — Deb

  • "Probably something on a boat." — Joseph H.

  • "A challenging day hike followed by a recovery stop at a favorite local craft brewery + tacos!" — Heather H.

  • "Get food at Hola Arepa, followed by some activity like an art exhibit etc, then drinks at Nighthawks and ice cream at Sebastian Joe's or Bebe Zito's." — Will

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