Top items most likely to be returned by people in Britain

Lifestyle sales were up by a meagre 1.2% (PA) (PA Wire)
Lifestyle sales were up by a meagre 1.2% (PA) (PA Wire)

The top items most likely to be returned by people living in Britian include coffee machines, jeans, shoes and tablets.

A poll of 2,000 adults found almost half have made a purchase in the last 12 months they have later returned, worth an average of £82.

Toys, beauty products and gifts bought for friends and family also made the list of things likely to get sent back.

While others won’t hold onto video games, musical instruments or kids’ clothes and footwear.

Mike Elliff, from Payit by NatWest, which commissioned the research, said: “Retail therapy is a pleasure for thousands of people, but the new reality of an economy in a recession, is that when consumers make a return, they need their money back as soon as possible.

“Financial transparency can help customers avoid ‘regret purchases’ in the first place, saving both business owners and consumers the hassle and cost of returns in the long run.”

The study also found 36 per cent would be more likely to send something back they purchased online, with 22 per cent having never kept an item which they have wanted to return.

While 27 per cent have resisted sending an item back because it cost too much to return.

However, when given an item they don’t like or need, a generous 40 per cent will donate to a charity shop and 37 per cent would make plans to re-gift to somebody who would enjoy it more.

Only 19 per cent would return the gift and claim back the money or credit, while 26 per cent would put it in a drawer to revisit at a later date.

Reassuringly, the research, carried out via OnePoll, found 57 per cent are confident in their financial position this year, despite the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Mike Elliff, CEO of the payment solution, added: “In the run up to Christmas, consumers are showing confidence and willing to spend on their loved ones.

“Purchasing presents is often done with the heart on a spontaneous whim.

“Having an accurate overview and control over your finances will help shoppers this year make informed purchase decision.

“At a time when everyone needs their money available right now, no one can wait for delayed refunds. Speed is critical for Brits and for businesses.”

Top 20 items most likely to be returned by Brits:

1. A kitchen appliance, like a food processor or coffee machine

2. Jeans/ trousers

3. Shoes

4. A tablet

5. Tops/ shirts

6. A jumper

7. Toys

8. A laptop

9. A video game

10. A musical instrument

11. A pair of sunglasses

12. Beauty products, make up or skincare

13. Kids clothing/ shoes

14. A coat

15. Occasion wear

16. Houseplants

17. A vacuum cleaner

18. Gifts you have bought for family and friends

19. A handbag

20. A sofa