Top of the Morning, Sept. 23, 2022

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Sep. 23—Looking for a way to spice up chicken, pork or fish? Urbana's John Patterson has you covered. And his product is now available in local stores.

On Sept. 1, Patterson's JAPatt Sauces and Rubs went on sale at Harvest Market. They are available at Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana, too.

Patterson's products are also used at Champaign's Sooie Bros. Bar B Que Joint and the Varsity Room at the University of Illinois.

The seasoning and rubs are in 12-once bottles with a red top and bright yellow label.

If you want to try some of Patterson's cooking, he has a stand in the horseshoe at Memorial Stadium called Dat Wing Spot. The wings feature Patterson's products.

What's in the seasoning and rubs? It's secret. Patterson's recipes have been tried and tested over the years, with family and friends sharing their revues.

"It started off as a hobby but became a passion of mine," Patterson said. "I wanted my stuff to emphasize flavor and not just taste."

Patterson hopes to eventually sell his products statewide, then nationally.

"I want to make my product a household name," Patterson said.

The products are made at Sooie Bros.

Patterson, 49, was born in Chicago. He is an Edison Middle School and Champaign Central graduate.

When he isn't making his sauces and rubs or selling tasty wings, Patterson is a supervisor at the post office on Mattis Avenue. His fellow post office employees enjoy the food.

Patterson has been married to Averia for eight years. His mother, Leona Brown, lives in Urbana. His brother, Delbert "Del" Patterson, lives in Knoxville, Tenn. His sisters, Laura George, Syreeta Butler and Sylvia Brown-Smith, live in C-U.

Patterson has three daughters: Janiece Keller, Shaniqua Thompson and Alexandra Bleus.

"Everybody helps me out," Patterson said.