Top plays from Atlanta Hawks vs. Houston Rockets

Top plays from Atlanta Hawks vs. Houston Rockets, 05/16/2021

Video Transcript

- --this season, Houston was 11 and 10. They come to Atlanta 17 and 54. Okongwu with the jam.

- How about the pass between the legs by Trae Young?

- --young Paul Silas-- young Silas-- Stephen. He deserves everything he's getting. Great pass, great finish by Okongwu. You see here just hesitation, bounce pass between the leg--

- Poked away, but Skylar retrieves. Over to Lou Williams. Eight on the shot clock. Lob-- slam for Bruno!

- Bruno!

- Bruno!

- There you go, Bruno.

- Bruno! Go get it.

- --on this lob. Nice setup by Lou Williams. He goes up over everybody. And wow.