Top plays from Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Atlanta Hawks

Top plays from Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Atlanta Hawks, 01/22/2021

Video Transcript

- The wolves are the youngest team in the NBA. That's a good defensive possession to start the second half. Naz Reid throws it down! All right.

- There you go. That's what I'm saying.

You turn it down. You stick it on the deck. And then you can't complete it. Again, Naz throws right in the face of Clint Capela. That was exciting. That's bringing the magic.

- Russell puts it up. Vanderbilt puts it down!

- Man, that was a-- I thought that pass was going to be a little bit too high and hanging.

--pick and roll action. And Vanderbilt does a great job of knocking off De'Andre Hunter right here. Capela has to engage, didn't release quickly enough. And D-Lo throws it right on the money.

Watch this roll. Capela has to engage. And the left-handed Jarred Vanderbilt throws it down with his strong hand. That's an athletic move.