Top plays from New Orleans Pelicans vs. Chicago Bulls

Top plays from New Orleans Pelicans vs. Chicago Bulls, 03/03/2021

Video Transcript

- Make someone else beat you.

- Get it out of his hands. Zion on the run on the nice dribble going strong to the rack!

- Oh! Hey, Joe.

- What a finesse move.

And then he exploded.

- Let's look at our energy power play. You see the gamble by Temple and he set his boy up for failure. Don't worry about it, brother. We all been there, Gafford. We all been there.

- Hm. Wow.

- Elevation, power, explosion, with [? a finish. ?]

- Yeah, that's what we saw from Chicago, the movement away from the ball. Now Coby White. Got there.

- That's exactly what I mean.

- Hayes brings it up.

- OK, that's what I mean. That's what's been missing because those have been layups in the first three quarters. He breaks the screen off. And Jackson uses his athletic ability to make up for the defensive error.

- The energy and activity that we were looking for.