Top plays from Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets

Top plays from Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets, 01/23/2021

Video Transcript

- Murray's got it. Murray fading to his left, scores it at the horn over Ayton!

- Good defense. Now look at this. I mean, Deandre did everything, challenged him, stopped right there on the dime. He tried to draw a foul, and he still threw the shot in. Now that's just strength too.

- The ruling on the floor is confirmed a good 3.

- I mean, he basically shot that on one leg.

- It looked like he got away with a little travel there. Did you see that?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. And officials don't look at that at the end. And that is disappointing at times.

There you go. He missed the catch.

- Kaminsky bobbled it, finds Crowder, gets it loose, cashes in! Ties it at 0.7!