Top Ukrainian and US commanders discuss Kyiv’s military needs

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Valerii Zaluzhnyi
Valerii Zaluzhnyi

“I informed him about the situation along the whole front line,” said Zaluzhnyi.

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“I emphasized the need to augment (Ukraine’s) air defense system capabilities. Separately, I touched upon manning our units and the provision of materiel and supplies.”

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Zaluzhnyi and Milley discussed the situation on all fronts, particularly in Bakhmut, Avdiivka, and Mariinka where the enemy has been concentrating its efforts on offensive operations. The commander also shared details about missile strikes conducted by Russian strategic aviation and daily bombings of civilian targets with guided air-dropped bombs near the frontline.

According to Zaluzhnyi, the conversation also covered the issue of equipping Ukrainian military units and the importance of timely supply of Ukraine with weapons, military equipment, and ammunition in sufficient quantities.

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On April 25, U.S. lawmakers introduced a bipartisan Ukraine Victory Resolution in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The resolution affirms that it is the policy of the United States to see Ukraine victorious against the Russian invasion, holds that the peace brought by victory must be secured by integrating Ukraine into NATO, and declares that the United States must work with its allies and partners to secure reparations, reconstruction, justice for Russian war crimes, and accountability for Russian leaders

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