Top Ways to Keep Your Gut Feeling Great

Brett has been feeling lethargic and experiencing some bloating. Registered Dietician Ellie Krieger, host of ‘Ellie’s Real Good Food,’ joins The Doctors with tips to help Brett feel like her usual sunny self again.

“Brett had some serious guts coming on and explaining that in front of everyone!” Ellie quips. “All of us need to be eating food that are good for our guts.”

Gut-healthy foods are important not just for digestion, but for the health of our whole bodies. Eating foods that promote good bacteria in our digestive tract and discourage harmful ones can boost immune function. Here are Ellie’s top choices:

• Probiotic foods. These contain live active cultures of helpful microbes. Kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, and miso are all delicious sources. Just read the label to make sure they contain live cultures.

• Plant-based foods. All fruits and veggies are outstanding for health, immune function, and digestion. Bananas, broccoli, are blueberries are especially good choices.

• Probiotic supplements. If you’re concerned that you aren’t getting enough probiotics in your diet, check with your doctor to see if a supplement might be right for you.

Ellie has partnered with Renew Life, and she recommends Renew Life Ultimate Flora because it “blends multiple strains and billions of live cultures which reflect the natural diversity of the gut.”

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