Top Wisconsin Republican doubts value of another election audit

Top Wisconsin Republican doubts value of another election audit
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A top Wisconsin Republican pushed back on a colleague’s promise for a “cyberforensic examination” of voting equipment used during the 2020 election, setting the stage for another rift between the GOP official and former President Donald Trump.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos cast doubt on whether an inquiry pledged on Monday by state Rep. Janel Brandtjen, who chairs the chamber’s elections committee, would yield anything of value beyond the two separate investigations already looking into the 2020 election in Wisconsin.

“Certainly, if she wants to add extra resources from her two staff people in the office to be able to assist the investigators that we have ... we welcome everybody to offer whatever evidence that they have,” Vos said Tuesday. “But as far as her launching her own investigation, I don’t know what that would prove.”


Brandtjen asserted on Monday that voters want a closer look at the 2020 election, similar to the controversial forensic audit underway in Arizona and the one being sought by a Pennsylvania state lawmaker.

“Voters have made it clear that they want a thorough, cyberforensic examination of tabulators, ballot marking devices, and other election equipment, which I will be helping facilitate,” Brandtjen said. “IP addresses, chain of custody on ballots, and audit trail logs must be thoroughly inspected by cyber audit technicians in order to provide confidence for voters in our elections, both completed and upcoming.”

The investigators Vos referred to are part of two teams already looking into the 2020 election in Wisconsin. Republicans in February ordered the state’s nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau to review whether the state’s elections commission and municipal clerks followed Wisconsin election laws in 2020 and to examine whether electronic voting machines were used properly.

Vos also hired a group of three retired police officers, along with a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, to conduct a separate investigation into the election.

Vos's role in those inquiries has not satisfied Trump, who strongly supports the Arizona audit and has advocated the initiation of others.

Trump lashed out at Vos and other Republican leaders in June, accusing them of standing in the way of an in-depth look at the election in Wisconsin, which Trump lost to President Joe Biden by more than 20,000 votes after having won the state in 2016.

“They are actively trying to prevent a Forensic Audit of the election results, especially those which took place in Milwaukee, one of the most corrupt election locales in the country,” Trump said in a June 25 statement.


Vos's comments Tuesday addressed Brandtjen's pledge for a new forensic audit and took on Trump's criticism.

“We’re already doing the forensic audit,” Vos said. “So just like, perhaps, President Trump was misinformed about what we’re actually doing in Wisconsin, I feel like my colleague Rep. Brandtjen is misinformed about what we’re doing in Wisconsin because we’re already doing a forensic audit."

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