Topgolf to open much-anticipated 1st Bay Area location

After being delayed a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Topgolf San Jose is officially opening its doors to the public on April 16. Here's everything you need to know before you visit:

Video Transcript

- Topgolf San Jose is making its much anticipated opening this Friday after COVID-19 delayed it for more than a year. This is the first franchise in the Bay Area. It's only the second one in all of California. ABC7 News reporter Dustin Dorsey shows us the opening and how it's bringing a boost to the local economy.

DUSTIN DORSEY: With the home of the red and gold in the background, a golden opportunity opened for South Bay visitors to swing through the COVID blues.

JASON O'GRADY: What a fabulous way for me to get out here with my son and swing a little bit. Hit the ball, right. It's all you got to do.

ZACK LOERA: I like how there's like multiple games you can play, instead of just hitting a ball. It's more fun.

DREW MARINO: The idea of like, you know, playing golf, food, it's like-- kind of like bowling in a golf sense.

DUSTIN DORSEY: And it's known as Topgolf. Social media has been buzzing with the grand opening of the Bay Area's first golf-based entertainment facility. 120 hitting bays, a first of its kind. Wine bar on location, food, drinks and more.

TRAVIS MILLER: Extremely excited to be finally opening here in San Jose. It's been a long time coming.

DUSTIN DORSEY: More than a year in fact. The location was set to open in early 2020 until, you know. But the grand opening in 2021 couldn't have come at a better time, as it not only adds something fun to do, but jobs to our local economy.

TRAVIS MILLER: We're able to bring 600 new jobs to this area of town, whether it's the North San Jose or the Alviso area, we're looking forward to continuing to grow our community presence.

DUSTIN DORSEY: Staff was on hand for a soft opening as guests got their first taste of the golf and safety measures. The entire hitting bay is fully sanitized after each use, distancing measures are in full effect, and much of the indoor facilities remain closed until a later date. But after all the anticipation, the staff and guests are just excited to be here.

TRAVIS MILLER: They've been having a ball. They're happy that we're up and going. And we're very happy to be able to get things started off the right way and moving forward.

DUSTIN DORSEY: Reservations are needed for the time being, but I was able to get myself in a few swings before I left. For full reservation information, visit In San Jose, Dustin Dorsey, ABC7 News.